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Support the industry we all are dependent on by becoming a Friend of Agriculture™.

If you are privileged enough to have at least one meal every day, you need to help nurture this industry to ensure you can maintain this privilege for yourself and those you love.

Why Choose Us?

We created the Friends of Agriculture™ (Non Profit) platform to gain your support in the form of:

1. Expertise

2. Time

3. Finances

...whichever your heart tells you that you can contribute.

As a group of Friends network we do what Friends do - we help each other...

Our products are sourced locally. This means they are ACTUALLY made or produced in South Africa and we support LOCAL AGRICULTURE and LOCAL FRIENDS.

You are welcome to buy wholesale from us and distribute in your area. Our reliable courier service ensures you get what you order in time.

So, this is our heart felt invitation -  Become our Friend!

*Friends of Agriculture™ NPC is managed and operated by Agri Business Network (Pty)Ltd

Friends of Agriculture™ is an initiative so welcome and necessary - right here from the Free State. It is one of the best initiatives I have ever been involved in as the time for taking hands is now.

Pieter Möller
Radio Personality & Master of Ceremony

About Us

Gerhard Kriel


Seeing people rushing to lunch and then back to their offices made me realize that food production and conditions on farms are the furthest things from their daily thoughts. Farm & Community Safety, Climate Conditions and Costs are major threats to our food security.

How can I help, I thought?

Harnessing the good in people and taking hands with businesses and other individuals led to the founding of the Friends of Agriculture™ initiative.

Through our platform, we can make a difference! And you can be part of this great idea, so please join us.